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Thanks for watching the channel.

I look forward to helping you. The group will pay for itself in a few trades because I post profitable trading setups, daily.


Frequently Asked Questions

What exchanges do I need to have setup to trade with the group.

If you are outside the US – Binance

If you are inside the US – Coinbase, Binance.US, Bittrex, Kucoin.

Do you accept cryptocurrencies?


You can find full details on our join page here —> JOIN

Do you accept debit and credit cards?


You can find full details on our join page here —> JOIN

Do you offer any discounts?


If you pay in cryptocurrency you can take advantage of big discounts!

Full details on our join page here —> JOIN


How much can someone make a month trading crypto?

Sky is the limit, but it depends on the time you invest and your skill level.

how many members does the group have?

We currently have over 2500 members rocking this group!

I'm completely new to trading is this group for me?

Yes. 99% of members were new to trading when they joined. We have videos that will turn you into a profitable trader and a strong team to help you with your questions.

Where do I access the Chart Setups?

All our chart setups will be posted in the private telegram groups and on the VIP spreadsheet.

Where do I access the Private videos?

All our private videos can be accessed on our members’ page for logged in users.

Members Page —> MEMBERS

Where do I access the VIP spreadsheets?

To access our VIP spreadsheets you’ll need to log in the members’ page. 

Members Page —> MEMBERS

If I am in Europe or Asia will I miss your calls and setups because our schedules are different?

No. The group is global and active 24/7 – we concentrate on trading breakouts and they could happen at any time. The group calls these breakouts in chat and I will show you how to set alerts.


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